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I was born in the San Fernando Valley, California
in 1953.  My father is of Native American and Spanish
descent; my mother is of French and English descent. My
father has a natural gift for drawing and taught me at an
early age the use of chalk, pencil and paint. When I was
twelve, my parents divorced and I moved to Boston with
my mother.
While I was in Boston attending junior high school, I was selected to attend the school at
Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts for a year.  I was taught the theories of color, design and
perspective and was able to roam the Halls of the Masters.  I developed a great
admiration for the Masters’ works.
At the age of seventeen, I joined the Navy where I spent four years on a submarine off the
Russian coast.
On completion of my naval service, I used my G.I. Bill to enroll in the New England
School of Art and Design, Newbury Street, Boston. During this three-year period, I
majored in graphic design and acquired a solid foundation in design.
I graduated in 1976 and returned to California.  At this point I realized that my heart was
that of a painter, not that of a graphic designer.
I enrolled in the Otis Parson Art Institute in Los Angeles where, under the instruction of
Burne Hogarth, I studied anatomy and figure drawing for a year.
My paintings have been displayed in galleries in Los Angeles and have been sold to
private parties over the years.